FAQ and Tree Care

How long will my tree last?

This is by far the most common question. If kept in water and you follow “How to look after your tree” You can expect between 3 to 5 weeks. However we cannot guarantee the longevity of any tree.

What is the best way to look after my tree?

When you get your tree home lay it down and cut about 1cm off the base of the trunk. This allows the tree to drink.

While it is lying down attach your Cinco stand. See video here

Leave the net on and take the tree to where you are going to have your tree inside the house. Fill stand with water. Take net off.

Turn the tree to get the best view. Wait for a couple of hours and decorate.

Check and fill water DAILY.

What happens if I don’t collect my tree on the correct date?

When you place your order you will get a confirmation email of the date you have elected to collect your tree. Please make sure you put this in your calendar. You can only change this  date if you send an email requesting a date change and getting a confirmation email from us for change of date. Minimum one weeks notice is required. However this may not be possible in some circumstances.

Please read our T&Cs regarding collection of trees which can be read at https://goldcoastchristmastrees.com.au/terms-conditions/

Byron Bay collection where and what time?

Customers can collect their tree from St Finbarr’s Primary School on Sundays between 11am and midday. This service is only for people who have elected to do so when ordering their tree.

Can I have my tree collected in January?

Yes. All you have to do is elect to have this done when ordering your tree. We will send you a text between Christmas and New year saying what day (first week in January) we will be doing this.

What If I am not happy with the quality of my tree?

We expect the quality of our tree to be always good but on very rare occasions one or two might sneak through our system. If you should happen to get a tree that you are not happy with please send us an email with a photo and a description. Please don’t just automatically go to a social media platform but let us know so we can help. But also please keep in mind that trees are natural growing and there may be some perceived faults. Any refunds/replacement of trees will be dealt with on a case by case basis but Gold Coast Christmas Trees reserves its rights at all times to rely on this policy to refuse a refund or replacement.