It is not Christmas without a beautiful live pine. These are the most beautiful trees and the service is professional, efficient and friendly. Cant wait for my beautiful tree this year..


Google Review Dec 2020

Great service, we can definitely recommend. Super easy and very professional to deal with. We went for the gold package to have the tree delivered and decorated and removed again after Christmas and was definitely worth the money spent. The guys who came to deliver and decorate the tree were super friendly and nice and did a great job of decorating the tree. Definitely would recommend.


Facebook Review Dec 2020

First time buying our Christmas tree and what a amazing experience , booked online and such a easy process , we went and picked the tree we wanted and couldn’t ask for a better tree. What a great tree thanks guys


Facebook Review Dec 2019

The most beautiful tree we have ever had. It gave us so much joy and lasted the duration. Wish I had found these guys years ago.

Tracey Barker

Facebook review 7th January 2018

We have been getting our trees from Gold Coast Christmas trees for about 10 years. Really great service and excellent trees that last all season. Really enjoy it and wish them all the best.

Annette Greenhow

Facebook review December 5 2021

Hi Mark,
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful tree this year – it is perfect and we look forward to ordering from you next year.

Helen Culligan-Parkes

12th December 2017, Cape Byron Platters

I bought a tree from you this year and I’m writing to tell you that my family and I loved it. Having grown up in Canada we always had real trees for Christmas but the one we bought from you was far and away the best we’ve ever had. This coming Christmas I plan to buy it earlier in December as the tree lasted very well. We kept it up until mid-January because it was still so beautiful and it seemed a shame to take it down. The care and attention taken to grow these trees is evident in their fullness and shape.Thanks for bringing your trees to the Gold Coast and I look forward to buying another one from you this year!

Kelvin Borkowsky


To the team at Gold Coast Christmas Trees,
Thank you for our beautiful tree. We got our first tree from you last year, but this is our first year having it delivered. The tree is even more beautiful this year and it was such a help having you deliver it and set it up in our stand.


There us nothing like a real tree at Christmas. I have no hesitations in recommending you and will be using your service every Christmas.

Adele and Lee

We just picked up another one of your trees and are continued to amazed at the outstanding quality of your trees. The shape is great and the smell is just fantastic reminding us what Christmas is all about.


It seemed to be a shame to throw the tree out at the end of January this year as it seemed so fresh still.



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