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1.5m (5’) = $89 ideal fo a unit.
1.8m (6’) =$110 most popular.
2.1m (7’) = $137 very popular also. Height of a sliding door.
2.4m (8’) = $200 looks great if you have higher ceilings.
Stands holds the tree upright , reservoir for water, very user friendly, made in USA, 10 year warranty. 
Medium = $60 suitable for 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m tree.
Large = $80 for 2.4m
Self waterer = $19.95 makes life easy to see water level and top up stand.
Delivery includes our team to set the tree up in one of our stands if you have purchased one.
Cost starts at $60 for up to 10km from our outlet at Burleigh Heads
Then 10km-20km $65, 20-30km $70, greater than 30km please call for quote
Gold Service
This service includes the tree, delivery, professional decorating in your choice of themes (red, silver, blue or gold or combination of these colours), led lights and removal of tree, lights and decorations in early January.
1.8 m = $429
2.1m   = $549
2.4m   = $699
Removal of tree is early January and we will remove your tree and recycle it. Cost is $60

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    All of our trees are at least 5 years old and have been shaped two to three times each year to give that special traditional Christmas tree look.

    Please complete the below order form or phone 0422 087 111 and we will gladly assist you in your selection and ordering. All prices include GST. For our premium Gold Service click here

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    The Gold Service offers an all in one package for those people who wish to have the ultimate Real Christmas Tree experience. If you wish to lay-by your tree package just contact us and we can organise a payment schedule.

    The package includes:

    • The very best Real Christmas Tree
    • Delivery
    • Set up on stand
    • Professionally decorated in your choice of our three colour themes (red, silver or gold
    • Free tree disposal.